Our Mission

To prevent and support unplanned adolescent pregnancy in rural Kenya.

Our Vision

We envision flourishing families and communities that have the knowledge to avoid unplanned adolescent pregnancy, and if it occurs, the wisdom to prevent teenage mothers from abandoning their opportunity to thrive.

Our Values

  • Christian Faith

    Faith in Jesus Christ is the foundation, motivation and undercurrent of all activities of Flourish Kenya.

  • Education

    We value access to education. Education is valued as a key to one’s ability to thrive and is the right of all people.

  • Equality and value of all life

    Flourish Kenya recognizes and places equal value on all life from point of conception through time of death, regardless of age, gender, race, or religious affiliation.

  • Cultural Sensitivity

    We approach cultural differences with respect, acceptance and a commitment to listening well.

  • Partnership

    We value mutual and reciprocal partnerships at every level from local to global. These relationships are vital to the success of our mission.

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability is the goal for our model, our funding, and our organization.

Our Team

FOUNDERS - Jason and Krista Blalock

Jason - Treasurer
Krista - President

Founders of Flourish Kenya, Jason and Krista Blalock have four children and live in Charlotte, North Carolina. They have been working with a US-based nonprofit that operates schools in Kilgoris, Kenya since 2010. As a Registered Nurse, Krista was heartbroken over the lack of access to health care in the area from the very beginning. She and Jason started serving the organization through fundraising, building awareness, and volunteering in any way they could. After several years of assisting in the development of the health and feeding program, Krista was brought on staff to manage the organization’s health program. Through this position, the complications and concerns of adolescent pregnancy and the lack of education and resources to prevent it became more visible. It became a tiresome task attempting to find the critical sexual and reproductive health teaching the students and community needed. Having been a young, single mom earlier in life, seeing the devastating effects of this epidemic on the youth of rural Kenya became a burden too heavy to ignore. In 2016, after many long hours of prayer and conversations with local Kenyan friend, Christine Lemiso, as well as other close friends and family, the dream of Flourish Kenya was born. By the end of 2016, an amazing team of people was mobilized in the US and Kenya to make the God-sized dream a reality!

Christine Lemiso - Administrator Kenya

Christine Lemiso is a Kenyan national and lives in Kilgoris full-time with her son and many extended family members. She has always had a heart for doing something to give back to her community. It wasn’t until she became a young single mother herself that she realized how many young girls were affected by adolescent pregnancy and how few were able to continue their education. She was left feeling helpless watching the youth in her generation lose hope, get forced into early marriage, and reduce their chances of rising out of poverty. She was always determined to not have that same fate for herself and her son. When she met Krista, they became fast friends. Through the exchange of similar personal stories, they realized the shared burden that God had given them for the youth of Kilgoris. From that friendship, Flourish Kenya was born. Christine functions as the hands and feet of Flourish in Kenya, running all programs and logistics, while Krista and her team partner from the US to add awareness and funding to her efforts.

Board Members – US

Crystal Bass-Secretary

Crystal lives in DeLand, Florida with her husband, Daniel, and their two children. While working for the state government is her full time job, her heart is constantly pulled toward other work that God has called her to. Through serving in various capacities in her spare time, Crystal has found that coming alongside families and youth to share the love of Christ is her life’s calling and greatest passion. When Krista, a lifelong friend whom Crystal had navigated her own teen pregnancy with, shared her vision for Flourish Kenya, she had no question that this is where God was calling her to next. With a heart for the mission field, 10+ years as an Executive Assistant and countless hours of volunteer leadership of both youth and adults, Crystal is honored to offer her administrative skills and valuable experience to Flourish Kenya.

Tia McNelly - Vice President

Tia and her husband live in Charlotte, NC with their two children. Friends since 2002, Krista and Tia share a long, rich history as co-laborers in Christ. Tia began her career working as a Registered Nurse on a Maternity unit. In 2009, she began volunteering with a small non-profit based in California and serving the community of Kilgoris, Kenya. Tia was soon hired to design and implement health programming, and later in-country revenue generating projects. Over the seven years she worked for that growing organization, she worked closely with Krista, never finding resources or solutions for the adolescent pregnancy epidemic in Transmara. With a love for women’s health, a passion for sustainability, and having experienced an unplanned pregnancy herself, Tia is honored and energized to be serving Flourish Kenya as a board member. Tia now works as a writer and speaker at tiamcnelly.com and is the Founder and Director at Collected, an organization that produces live events designed to affirm and propel women in their God-given assignments. Tia seeks to leverage these platforms to benefit Flourish Kenya.

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