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How to Set Up Your Fundraiser


1. First, if you don’t have a Pure Charity account already, make one here:

If you already have one, sign in here:

Once signed in, you’re ready to create your fundraiser.

2. On the right of the page you will see this box

Click Create a Fundraiser.

3. Choose ‘Fit for Flourish’, ‘Get Creative’, or ‘Give Your Birthday’.

4. The defaults have been set for you. Just double check the region, country and city is Africa, Kenya, and Kilgoris. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. What’s your one-time funding goal? The suggested goal is [FILL IN] What will you try to raise? Edit as needed, then click Continue.

5. Name your fundraiser and choose an end date.  (You don’t need to change the URL.)

6. Want to personalize your fundraiser? In the Fundraiser’s Story and Branding, you can make this fundraiser unique to you. What impact do you want to make? Complete the [FILL INS]

7. Scroll down, accept the terms, and then click Start my fundraiser. Just like that!

8. You now have a personal fundraising page. You can copy to URL and email, share, etc. There is also a widget you can use for sharing.

9. If you would like to see details of your fundraiser or solicit check donations, click the gear icon above Donate to this Fundraiser and select Dashboard. This is the backend view of your fundraiser. The Check Donation Form is a PDF you can download and include with any physical correspondence you will be sending out. It instructs donors how to send in checks to apply toward your fundraiser. You can also pull reports on your own fundraiser on this page and have visibility into your fundraiser’s progress. You can also post updates. On the Updates tab, any update you create will be pushed by email to the donors to your specific fundraiser.

10. To get back here, use the branded login [LINK] and on your user dashboard, click your fundraiser under the Managed Fundraisers title.

Happy fundraising! Thank you so much!!

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