80% of girls in Narok County, Kenya do not have the opportunity to attend secondary school. Early marriage, unplanned pregnancy, challenges around managing menstruation, cultural practices such as FGM, and financial struggles all contribute to this extreme statistic. Once a young girl is not attending school, she is the most vulnerable to sexual violence, unplanned pregnancy, early and arranged marriages, and a life of poverty. When a girl is in school, she is sheltered from many of these challenges and able to move toward joining the workforce and ending the cycle of poverty.

Young boys do not face the same challenges as girls. Still, they are just as vulnerable to the effects of not achieving education and poverty, which is why we have decided to accept boys into our sponsorship program.  It is our vision to have flourishing families and communities. For us to accomplish this, we must also support the boy child on our mission to prevent teen pregnancy.


Empowering a child to attend secondary school opens up an entire world of opportunity and hope. Many studies conducted throughout Kenya and Africa show that girls who go to secondary are six times less likely to be forced to be married as children, they are less likely to become pregnant during their teenage years, and 94% less likely to undergo FGM. Educating girls has proven to be the most cost-effective and transformational way to promote development and economic growth! 

Young men can be the most significant components of change in rural communities. They are leaders, pastors, elders, fathers, and husbands. We can not forget them, their importance in the home, and how crucial they are to our mission.



Our Kenyan staff and board members come alongside the most vulnerable youth and their families to construct a plan for them to attend school. When a student meets our criteria, we seek to obtain a commitment from the family to support their studies and ensure they can safely participate in school and determination from the youth. We also consult with the family to address their greatest challenges and work together to come up with tailored long term, sustainable solutions.

Together, we work toward the common goal of education! As a sponsor, you partner with one teen and the family to provide for school fees, books, uniforms, supplies, and other personal needs required for the student to attend school. Our staff personally pays the fees and does the shopping with the families for tight accountability and complete transparency. In this way, we are able to achieve maximum impact through our sponsors.

The best part about sponsorship is receiving updates on how your young student is Flourishing! We’ll keep you posted on your teen’s home life, grades, favorite school activities, and more.

Sponsor a youth’s future today!

As The Soil member, you will receive a quarterly exclusive update about the family with a current picture and other select information! 


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