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Because of the sensitive nature and content of Flourish Kenya’s work and our beliefs about traditional mission trips, we invite individuals, groups, and churches on a case by case and trip specific basis. If you are interested in what Flourish Kenya does in Kenya and are local to the area or will be in Kenya and would like to arrange a local visit, please contact us. 

We love for people to visit Kenya! It is a once in a lifetime bucket list trip for most people. With some other Flourish family and entrepreneurs, the founders of Flourish Kenya saw the need for others to experience an incredible safari to Kenya while also getting an immersion into the local culture and visiting some amazing humanitarian projects. So, Flourish Adventures was born!  Flourish Adventures’ ultimate vision is to provide sustainability to Flourish Kenya and allow families to encounter amazing cultures, people, and experiences. 

Find out more on the website here and book your buck list adventure with Flourish Adventures! We’ll see you in Kenya. 

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