Can sex ed

Save a life?

It can save 


Before Flourish Kenya there were zero local programs addressing sexual and reproductive health and teen pregnancy prevention.

Our Methods to IMPROVE This

Educational Programs

  • Through a partnership with local residents, we provide holistic, faith-based, sexual and reproductive health education for schools, community groups, and churches. Our focus is on evidence-based information and practices, while still respecting established, beneficial cultural and church values.
  • Our educators spend time in each of our partner locations, mentoring the youth regularly.
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80% of girls in Narok County, Kenya do not have the opportunity to attend secondary school. Early marriage, unplanned pregnancy, challenges around managing menstruation, cultural practices such as FGM, and financial struggles all contribute to this extreme statistic. When a young girl is not attending school, she is the most vulnerable to sexual violence, unplanned pregnancy, early and arranged marriages and a life of poverty. When a girl is in school, she is sheltered from many of these challenges and able to move toward joining the workforce and ending the cycle of poverty. 

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The Future


SAFE HOUSE – Overwhelming poverty, deep-rooted cultural traditions, and taboos steeped in tribal spirituality cause some youth in these communities to make life-threatening decisions. Girls can be left to choose between living on the unsafe streets, seeking illegal and unsafe termination, forced early marriage, and even suicide. While it is always our hope for families to reach reconciliation and for girls to remain in the family home, the reality is that it is not always safe for them to do so.

It is our dream for girls in this situation to have a safe and healthy place to stay where they can continue their education and learn how to be mothers until they are able to thrive on their own.

We currently have a deposit on a 2-acre plot of land to build this house. Stayed tuned for fundraising efforts the end of 2019 or contact us to find out more! 

SUSTAINABILITY – One of our values as an organization is sustainability. It is our goal to become funded by in-country revenue streams as soon as possible. Stay tuned for more!

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