Holistic Sexual and Reproductive Health Education Program

Flourish Kenya has created a custom, evidence-based sexual and reproductive health education curriculum that:

  1. Is relevant to Kenyan adolescence.
  2. Respects established, beneficial Kenyan cultural and church values.
  3. Follows Kenya Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education guidelines for school curriculum.
  4. Has been developed with expert nurses, educators, and pastors over several years of research and live practice.

This hybrid, unique curriculum combines both the facts of science and the spiritual, mental and emotional aspects of adolescence and sexuality. Based on John 1:14, The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. Flourish Kenya has confidence that truth (design, science, evidence) and grace (Jesus, forgiveness, education, protection) is the key to ending the teen pregnancy epidemic in rural Kenya.

Statement of Beliefs for Flourish’s Education Program

  • Flourish Kenya believes that for sexual and reproductive health education to be effective in preventing sex before marriage, unprotected sex, and unplanned teen pregnancy, there must be ongoing education, relationship, support, and discipleship with youth. Our program is designed to be taught on a continual schedule, with our local educators.
  • Flourish Kenya believes that God designed and created our bodies, feelings, minds, and sexuality for specific purposes. Without knowing and understanding what those are, it is almost impossible for youth to abstain from sexual relations.
  • Flourish Kenya believes that youth having an understanding of their identity and purpose is foundational to understanding sexuality.
  • Flourish Kenya believes that when adolescents are given the knowledge of God’s design for sexuality, education about their bodies, and how to protect themselves they are able to make safe and healthy decisions for their futures.
  • Flourish Kenya believes that withholding information about safer sex, contraception, and condoms are detrimental to youth and that giving them a safe environment to ask questions and learn the risks vs. benefits of their decisions is far more beneficial than the harm of them learning false information from their peers.
  • Flourish Kenya believes that youth learn best from leaders and educators from their community and culture, and then other highly trusted, invested people. Our first line of educators are Kenya nationals and currently live in Narok County.
  • Flourish Kenya believes in educating both boys and girls on all topics of sex and sexuality. Many issues of gender inequality, human rights, menstrual rights, rape, and sexual coercion can not be eliminated unless there is open communication.
  • Flourish Kenya believes that purity is not exclusive to sexual intercourse, singleness, or a one-time goal to be achieved, but a life long spiritual practice that requires self-control, community, and support.
  • Flourish Kenya believes in promoting alternative rights of passage from childhood to adulthood instead of harmful, traditional practices such as female genital mutilation (FGM).
  • Flourish Kenya is pro-ALL life from conception, to the mother, the father, and families. We do not support abortion, but support education, open communication, and access to alternatives. We also support the hard work of young mothers and fathers continuing with their education, and learning to become parents. We believe in grace, forgiveness, and healing in wholeness in post-abortive care. Flourish’s curriculum provides physical, spiritual, and emotional realities on abortion from conception, procedure, and post-procedure

For more information about Flourish Kenya’s Holistic Sexual and Reproductive Health Education Program or questions about how to bring our educators to your school, church or community please email us @ info@flourishkenya.org 

To inquire about how to bring this program to your group or church in the U.S., email krista@flourishkenya.org

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